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Game Development | Creative Story Writing | World Building | Artistic Collaboration

Are you a writer? An artist? A programmer? A musician? A world builder? Lore writer?
Or just creative person interested in gamedev?
Are you a creative interested in making games but has no experience in development?
Would you like to work together with other creatives to create a game?
Do you want to add a gamedev on your portfolio?
Do you have an idea for a game but lack the necessary skills for gamedev?

Let's help each other!

Current Project Collaborations

Ongoing current DEMO projects
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Finished DEMO Projects

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Blued Umbrella Games Studio is mainly a studio workshop for artists, writers, programmers, etc, who would like to form or participate as a collaboration group that creates games and non-game Visual Novels for their own portfolios.

Projects developed are under the principle of creating a DEMO, a demonstration of applied skills of the collaborators. The collaborators learn, develop and acquire the skills as a team for game development while working on a project. After the Collaborative Game DEMO project is finished, the Auteur (Game Source/GDD Owner) may decide to develop it further as a purchasable game with the DEMO group. This will be discussed further with proper compensation and legal contracts for all willing participants.

Assets and contributions will always be credited, attributed to and are owned by the contributing artist/author who participated in a Collaborative Game DEMO Project hosted by BUGS Workshop.

Blued Umbrella Games Studio reserves full rights to use the contributions of artworks and writing as seen fit in connection to AND ONLY for the project the collaborator participated in. BUGS Workshop does not have the rights to use any contributions outside of the particular project nor will the Collaborative Game DEMO be sold without prior agreement and consent of all collaborators involved.

The Collaborative Game DEMO is a demonstration of applied skills of the collaborators, therefore the Collaborative Game Demo is NOT and will never be for sale. All collaborators can use/share this DEMO to anyone. The 'demo' itself is a complete game with an intro, the body and an ending. The difference from a 'purchasable game' -- the demo is shorter while the purchasable game is expanded with more details and sequences.

Dropping out of the Collaboration Project at any time, all asset contributions by the participant will be removed from the Collaborative Game Demo. This unfortunately and with deep apologies, does not apply to programmers, joining/participation to the Collaborative Game project is at your own risk. For complete details, please refer to BUGS Workshop Collaboration Agreement and Disclaimer


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